| WHAT I BOUGHT | thriftshopping

a store full of old lamps, books, clothes, beautifull dishes and other stuff. Things that were not longer appreciated by their owner and now are going to make someone else happy. Low prices and good finds. I love it! Thrift shopping. Lately I went to a few thrift stores and found some nice things. Click 'read more' to see what I bought!

| CREATIVE | fashion show - nomadism

I am a third-years student in fashion design. Every year there is a big fashion show were the fashion students show their own designs. This years theme was 'nomadism'. This is the name for the lifestyle of nomads, who roam their whole live. They travel and live all around the world, mostly in nature with only the stuff they need to survive and no extras. I had to make a dress and a jacket. Below you can see pictures of my creations. Click 'Read more' to see all the pictures. Tell me what you guys think!

| OUTFIT | The high skirt

Hat - H&M | Top - H&M | Skirt - H&M | Tights  - HEMA | Shoes - Forever21